Why I Love TrueCar and their service!

Recently when I went out to purchase a new car I used the services of TrueCar. They are a car price comparison company and I have to say that I loved the service that they offered. I will certainly never again even think about buying a car without using their services.

The reason that I love TrueCar and their service is that it makes it very easy for me to get a great deal when I buy a new car. Like most people when I go to buy a car I really hate having to haggle with the salesman over the price. One of the reasons is that he has all of the advantages in these negotiations since he knows what the car is actually worth, or at least what the dealer paid for it. This means that he knows how much he is willing to sell the car for, since I have no idea about this it makes it hard to negotiate.

truecarUsing TrueCar allows me to know how much dealers are willing to sell a particular car for so that I know what price I should be willing to agree to when negotiating. This helps to balance the scales in terms of negotiating power as I know the maximum price that I should be willing to buy for. More importantly since I know what the same car has sold for I know that if this dealer won’t come down to that price that another one will. This means that I can hold my ground with confidence over price and walk away if a particular dealer won’t come down to my price level.

There are of course lots of other car price comparison companies that I can choose from which raises the question of why use TrueCar and not one of them. For starters the Reviews of TrueCar have been almost universally good as far as I can tell. In addition I like the fact that they not only include the price that cars have been selling for in my area but also a fair price for each make of car. Simply getting a list of selling prices would be of limited value as there is always a huge variation between the highest and lowest price. Knowing a fair value greatly simplifies things.

One last reason that I really like TrueCar is that they update their prices weekly. This means that I know what the current fair price of the car is not what the price was several months ago. They also factor in things like incentives that dealer’s offer and any additional charges that come when purchasing a car. This way I know what the final price of the car in the current market is which is the information that I really need to have.

One more reason to love TrueCar? They sponsor Katherine Legge in their TrueCar Racing team, and I love fast cars!