Hybrid sales go down in September as Cash for Clunkers end

The Cash for Clunker program was successful in bringing car buyers into the showrooms. This boosted the sales figures for hybrid vehicles in July and August. As the program ends, the number of hybrid vehicles rolling out of shops also plummeted by as much as 48.4% in September compared to the sales in August. The [...]

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Nissan’s Little Leaf! Check This Hybrid Out!

In a way, I think that people are trying to top Toyota in the hybrid car category and to be honest … I think that is pretty damn cool.  Nissan is just one of the many companies that is catching on the hybrid and electric car wave and I personally think that the 2010 Nissan [...]

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Nissan & Their Electric Versa-Based Prototype!

While most people are worried about finding the very best car for them – a lot of people are really wondering about hybrid cars.  To me, hybrid cars are by far some of the best cars on the market and they truly are one car that people are taking notice of.  The Nissan EV-11 however [...]

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