Toyota FT-CH — Hot, Chic and Little!

When you break it down – even though Toyota has been getting a lot of flack about their recent recall, they are still the leader in the hybrid market and when they came out with the brand new Toyota FT-CH at the Detroit Auto Show – it wowed everyone … including me!  Not only is [...]

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2011 BMW 5 Series Hybrid — It’s On Sale In June!

In this blog – we have talked a whole lot about the 2011 BMW 5 Series Hybrid and finally – I am pleased to report that it is almost here.  This particular Activehybrid has been in the rumor phase for quite a while and while we had been anticipating it coming around late, late in [...]

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What You May Not Know about Hybrids: 1

A lot of people eschew even the idea of buying a hybrid because they do not know a lot about the vehicles, so we are going to try to clear up some misconceptions. For instance, many people think that hybrid batteries — or the cars themselves — need to be plugged into something in order [...]

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Opel planning a new minicar for Europe, looking for development partner

Although Europe is not the only country that likes mini cars – however, Opel is actually in the market for a business partner right now so they can actually complete their European minicar.  They have been developing this particular car for quite some time now however it seems to be really costly and they would [...]

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The All New 2010 Chevy Spark!

When you think about GM – I think that the last thing that you really think about is an electric car … seriously.  However, GM is changing their face completely and they are certainly gearing a lot of their cars over to the greener side of things, which to me is something that is awesome.  [...]

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Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car — Come See It!

You want a hybrid car?  You seriously want one?  Well, the brand new Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car is actually one concept that might go definite – for it is certainly a car that I absolutely love … in every possible way.  This is the hybrid car that actually kicked off the Frankfurt Motor Show and [...]

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Nissan & Their Electric Versa-Based Prototype!

While most people are worried about finding the very best car for them – a lot of people are really wondering about hybrid cars.  To me, hybrid cars are by far some of the best cars on the market and they truly are one car that people are taking notice of.  The Nissan EV-11 however [...]

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Honda Insight 2010: It’s Comin’!

Honda is by far my favorite, favorite, favorite brand of cars.  I just think that owning a Honda is something that is so chic, so sleek and absolutely incredible all the way around!  Now that I know that Honda is coming out with a Hybrid car in 2010?  Well, I am all over that!  The [...]

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Reasons to Buy a Hybrid: 2

Now, don’t get me wrong.  No one will ever try to say that saving the environment is not a good enough reason to buy a hybrid car.  However, we as buyers and drivers have to think about ourselves as well.  After all, should you buy a car in which you cannot trust?  Should you buy [...]

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