Audi sources confirm A6 hybrid for US market

When the Audi A6 was unveiled in November 2010, the German automaker was hush-hush about the hybrid version that was available in the North America. Even today, Audi AG has issued no word about the rumors surrounding the availability of the A6 hybrid version. And yet there are now rumors about the A6 Hybrid confirmation […]

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Smart Ed Is Not Ready Yet … Soon Though!

When you are looking for a hybrid car … I can tell you that the Smart ForTwo is definitely a car that I want to own.  This is a car that is not only going to look pretty chic and interesting but it is completely and totally electric.  That is one of the best things […]

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Prius Solar Sunroof: It’s Remarkable!

We all know that Toyota is a very, very smart company – they truly are one of the leaders in the auto industry right now and the 2010 Prius is by far one of the most anticipated cars of the year.  However – Toyota just upped the ante on this particular car and they have […]

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The Newest Electric Mitsubishi Car!

So let’s have a chat about Mitsubishi – they actually just announced that they are coming out with one of the latest and greatest electric cars!  It is the iMiEV and it is a small and egg-shaped car, as you can see, but it goes on sale in Japan this year for about $45,660, however, […]

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