Porsche Cayenne Hybrid to hit dealerships by 2010

Porsche recently disclosed to a German newspaper that the first Cayenne Hybrid (and the one we like more, the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid)  is set to hit the dealership as early as the third quarter of 2010 with a sticker price starting at $124,500. The specifics about the Cayenne Hybrid have not been revealed in […]

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Porsche Panamera Hybrid?!

Well, from what I’ve just hear from a friend of mine who works for a European car magazine — it sounds look the upcoming Porsche 4-door saloon/coupe will come out as a hybrid too! That’s great news for the green-car-loving money-grubbing luckers out there, as they’ll now be able to go fast eco-style! I’m not […]

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