Chevy Volt — Come Check It Out!

When you are dealing with the Chevy Volt – it is a very unique and different car and that is what I like about it.  Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more and more popular nowadays and this is just one step in the hybrid world that Chevy is taking.  Although, I am not exactly […]

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Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid: This Car Rocks!

So I had a chance to test drive the latest and greatest car from Mercedes Benz and I have to say that the Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid is definitely one of the best cars in the world – while it will not exactly arrive at show rooms until August of this year, this car is […]

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EDF and Toyota declared large-scale exhibition of Plug-In Hybrids in France

As a major step in their collaboration in road-trials in France, EDF and Toyota had declared that it will involve Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHV) and an enhanced charging mechanism and will be rented by selected partners and companies in Strasbourg, France. About hundred units of the lithium ion batteried PHV’s will be released to the […]