Buick plans to release hybrid Verano by 2015

Details about the future plans of General Motors might have spilled out over the internet recently. The page is a suppliers list for the 2012 model of the Buick Verano. As the compact sedan is being rolled out a major refresh is expected by 2015 and this might actually be a hybrid version of the […]

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The GMC Sierra for those Who Want a Hybrid Truck

Now, naturally, it only stands to reason that just because a driver wants a hybrid vehicle, that does not necessarily mean he or she wants a mere car. Plenty of people still long for trucks. A full size pickup is still considered probably one of the last utilitarian vehicles available on the market right now. […]

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New System could reduce costs of hybrids

Indy Power Systems recently introduced a way to cut back the costs of manufacturing hybrid vehicles. The Indiana startup made a platform that has an embedded software designed to oversee the energy flow among power units. The product, which is appropriately named Multi-Flex Management System, has the capability to mix and jive two or more […]