Toyota announces pricing for 2013 Camry Hybrid, Prius C

2013 toyota camry hybridToyota recently announced the pricing details for a number of their 2013 MY vehicles. Among these are sticker prices for its trucks and SUVs, the Prius C, and the Camry Hybrid.

Camry Hybrid fans should take note of some small changes on the pricing of this eco-friendly car. The LE grade is now selling for $26,140. The higher end XLE models go for $27,670. The Toyota Camry Hybrids has a fuel mileage of 43 miles a gallon on city driving and 39mpg on the highway. The combined mileage is 41mpg.

The Prius C prices also went up a bit. The Prius C One now has a sticker price of $19,080 while the Four variant is tagged at $23,360.

The Prius C also sports some interior upgrades including the dashboard cover made of SofTex material. The Four gets the same material for its steering wheel.

The combined mileage of the Prius C was measured at 50 mpg or 53/46 mpg city/highway.

There is also a slight change on the price of the Highlander Hybrids. The Hybrid Limited and Hybrid versions go for $46,170 and $39,970, respectively.

The 2013 Prius C and the Camry Hybrid will get to showrooms in the United States come January.

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