New Smart ForTwo gets fresh styling and new electric model

It has never been a smooth ride for the Smart ForTwo as it tries to penetrate the market in the United States. After doing well during its debut in 2008, when the gas prices skyrocketed, the sales of the small car has dropped dramatically thru the years.

The Smart ForTwo though is getting a facelift for 2013 and will be distributed by a formidable brand, Mercedes-Benz.

The new Smart ForTwo will get a new fascia for the front and its rear, and also rework on the side sills. The front gets a new treatment for its aprons under the hood, the lower grille is made wider while the badge is placed on the grille instead of the hood.

The gasoline models will have no changes on its powertrain, continuing with the 1.0L 3-cylinder engine mated with an automated manual gearbox.

The ForTwo though will get a new model with an all electric setup. The Electric Drive ForTwo will have a lithium ion battery pack from Evonik and dropping the one supplied by Tesla before. The battery pack will still be positioned under the floor with the same configuration as the older sibling.

The 2013 Smart ForTwo will get a more potent electric motor to get the rear wheels going. The power rating of the electric motor peaks at 74 horsepower with a sustained rating of 47 horses. This is a big improvement to the previous version which gives out 40HP on peak and a sustained output of 27hp.

There are no numbers yet from the EPA with regard to the range of the new Smart ForTwo but according to the company, the small ride can cover at least 145 kilometers.

Smart has not yet released the details of pricing for the new Electric Drive ForTwo but forecasters see it under $26,000. The 2013 model will be sold and also leased when it rolls out. The foreseen tag price will make the Smart ForTwo the most affordable car in the United States, a position currently held by the electric car “i” of Mitsubishi.

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