Panda Natural Gas from Fiat tagged as most economical after ADAC Test

p34 - FIAT-Panda-1-2-Natural-Power---2007-Fiat’s Panda Natural Power vehicle topped the test of the German Automobilclub (ADAC) subjecting 241 cars to a fuel budge of 30 Euros and seeing who can go the farthest. The Fiat can boast covering 724 kilometers or 450 miles.

ADAC tested vehicles that range from small vehicles that can only seat two individuals through sporting supercars.

The Natural Power makes use of a dual fuel setup which relies on methane and gasoline. The designers of the car were able to install two tanks for the storage of methane under the floor of the car. The total capacity of the under chassis installation is around 12 kg of methane. Using the floorpan allowed the designers to keep the space of the interior for the passengers and any luggage they will bring.

The gas tank can carry 30 liters of fuel and can serve as backup when driving through areas where methane refilling stations are not very common.

The 8V 1.2L Bipower engine of the vehicle can bring it to 140 kilometers per hour or 87 miles per hour while running on methane or bring it up a little to 148 km/h or 92 mph when gasoline is used.

The CO2 emission of the Panda is at 113 g/km when using natural gas.

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