Hybrid Toyota Prius Minivan can Change the Game for Toyota

Toyota Prius Minivan

Toyota Prius Minivan

Nikkei newspaper in Japan recently reported that Toyota will indeed be producing a hybrid minivan wearing the Prius badge. This e-vehicle is set to carry the first lithium-ion battery pack that was produced in-house by Toyota. Secondly, the electric vehicle will be a seven-seater which means that it will also be the first family-oriented electronic vehicle in the market. The price tag also reveals a friendly 20 thousand dollar range.

With these factors established, Toyota might just possibly pioneer an entirely new breed of hybrid vehicles out there. After all, people have been looking for ways to transport 5 to 7 people more efficiently for some time now. The new Prius minivan might just be the answer.

The Prius badge on the minivan also confirms reports that family-oriented vehicles are being built around the nameplate. Producing a Prius vehicle that’s not “standard Prius” is a huge leap for Toyota. There are also reports that more Prius variations should be anticipated.

The use of lithium-ion batteries on the minivan also signals a shift in the company’s thinking. Toyota executives recently declared that the lithium ion technology is not ready for hybrid vehicles. The minivan’s mechanical design might just mean that they’ve changed their minds.

While consumers aren’t giddy with excitement with the production of a lithium-ion powered Prius minivan, Toyota’s move is certainly a significant mark in automotive history. The concept isn’t spanking new, but its development certainly suggests that Toyota might be heading to a different direction in the coming years. The Prius hybrid minivan is scheduled for release in 2011.

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