BMW hiring 2,600 more employees for hybrid and EV program

p30 BMW EVBMW, the biggest luxury car manufacturer, is looking for new employees to help with their electric vehicle and hybrid development programs as regulations call for greener vehicles.

The carmaker is looking to add around 1,300 people to their workforce by the end of this year and another 1,300 by 2011. BMW is looking to beef up their expert pool for EVs, hybrid power plants, and engines that have lower CO2 emissions.

The workforce of BMW was actually downsized back in 2009 when the car manufacturer bought out contracts and offered early retirement in order to improve profitability. This move chopped down their manpower to around 96,000 from 107,000 back in 2007.  BMW is currently busy developing a hybrid sports car due by 2013 and an electric vehicle.

Aside from green technology experts, BMW is also looking for sales and purchasing specialists. The producer of BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini is hoping to improve their sales by 10% or 1.4 million units by next year. A more ambitious move is to deliver around 2 million cars to consumers by 2020.

It seems BMW is not the only one gearing for future competition as Daimler AG and Volkswagen are also hiring more people. Daimler AG signed around 400 more employees in the past few months in Germany specifically in Rastatt where they produce their compact units. Mercedes plans to get additional 2,500 employees to help with their production in Hungary. Volkswagen meanwhile may generate 50,000 jobs across their market regions globally through 2015.

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