The Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv Still Running Strong!

Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv

We all know that Toyota is the leading car company – however, what you might not know is that Toyota is actually the leading car company for hybrid cars.  They are definitely one of those companies that care truly about the environment and they are using all of their resources to come up with a car that runs on no fuel at all or on very little fuel.  Take the Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv, this car is definitely one SUV that I am into – it is a hydrogen fuel cell SUV!

Now, currently, they are testing the Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv and this car is actually topping out at about 431 miles right now without having to refuel itself with gas – just with H2.  This car is honestly one of the coolest and while it might not be on the market and available until 2015, I am so excited about it!

So if you are looking for a car that is a hybrid – you should take a look at Toyota as the company and Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv as the SUV!

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