The Newest Electric Mitsubishi Car!


So let’s have a chat about Mitsubishi – they actually just announced that they are coming out with one of the latest and greatest electric cars!  It is the iMiEV and it is a small and egg-shaped car, as you can see, but it goes on sale in Japan this year for about $45,660, however, it should be coming to the US very soon.  This car is absolutely incredible and it does not take any gas at all, which with the rise of gas prices is awesome!

This car can drive up to 100 miles and can recharge fully in about 14 hours on 100-volts of power, so you never have to worry about how much power you are going to be using or how much distance you need to cover.  While this car may look a little weird, it is definitely one of the best cars in the world and Mitsubishi is an incredible brand to have a car from.

So you want electric?  You should totally import a Mitsubishi iMiEV!

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