The All New SAM — It’s Green And Mean!

SAM If you are looking for an electric car – have no desire to go over about 55 miles per hour and you live in Europe then this is the car for you!  The SAM brand car was supposed to be out last year, however, they redesigned it a bit and right now it is actually rolling out of the Polish factory with a vengeance sometime later this month. 

The delay might have actually been a blessing since the economies of the world are really starting to show improvement right now and the extra time allowed for SAM to test and retest this particular product.  Now, this little green monster is going to be sweeping Europe and honestly … it does look pretty cool and it might be neat to drive around town in.

The price tag for this beauty is just under fifteen thousand and while that is not all that bad, it is so worth it.  The energy will keep you running for about 60 miles and honestly … this is a pretty anticipated car over in Europe!

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