The All New 2010 Chevy Spark!

2010 Chevy Spark When you think about GM – I think that the last thing that you really think about is an electric car … seriously.  However, GM is changing their face completely and they are certainly gearing a lot of their cars over to the greener side of things, which to me is something that is awesome.  Not only are they coming out with newer and fresher hybrid cars, but they are better!  That is what the 2010 Chevy Spark is all about.

This is a car that is not only going to be awesome, but is actually was given the green light to start designing and production.  The 2010 Chevy Spark is going to be awesome in my mind, not only will it open up a brand new line for GM, but I think that the fact that they are coming up with a completely electric car is pretty damn cool!

So if you want different, fresh and hot – the 2010 Chevy Spark is going to be it for next year!

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