Step into “The Box”

xb-fullThere is a reason that the Scion xB is so often known simply as “The Box.” After all, it looks just like a box, doesn’t it? But where its square design could be considered boring, it is actually quite unique here. As of late, however, those squared off edges have been rounded off a bit. It still combines the easy drive of a small car with the compact quality of a crossover utility vehicle.

Of course, the main reasons The Box is so sought after is because of its affordability, its ultimate practicality, and though you may not realize it, because of its high performance as well.

There are lots of things going on under the Scion xB’s hood, thanks to a 2.4 liter inline four cylinder engine, Toyota’s pride; it makes for 158 horsepower and a whopping 162 pounds per feet of torque.

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