Sneak peek of Jaguar’s ‘Limo Green’ series hybrid concept

Sneak peek of Jaguar's 'Limo Green' series hybrid conceptNow, I know that Jaguar is a car that is classified as luxury – however I did not ever think that they would come out with something that would be construed as a hybrid.  However, that is exactly what Jaguar is working on.  They are working on a UK government funded project that has been dubbed Limo-Green, which is pretty cool actually.

The basic goal of this particular project is to develop and build a series of hybrid luxury cars which are meant for people who are still seeking that luxury type of car but they are still going to be helping the environment by not emitting so many emissions.  The greatest thing about these luxury cars is that they will actually run on a lithium battery pack.

If you are looking for a brand new luxury car – wait a little while and you might be able to get a hybrid luxury car!

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