Porsche Cayenne Hybrid to hit dealerships by 2010

Porsche recently disclosed to a German newspaper that the first Cayenne Hybrid (and the one we like more, the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid)  is set to hit the dealership as early as the third quarter of 2010 with a sticker price starting at $124,500.

The specifics about the Cayenne Hybrid have not been revealed in full but some key features about the Cayenne S Hybrid variant sets the stage. The Cayenne S Hybrid is designed to perform like a vehicle with a V8 engine. Its emission level and fuel mileage will read like a four cylinder unit.

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

The numbers may just be similar with the other hybrids that consumers will soon lay their eyes on. The Cayenne S Hybrid though can boast of a perkier ride with a 333hp coming from a V6 DFI 3.0L Audi power plant under its hood combined with a 52hp electric engine.

The regular engine has a 324lb-ft torque while the electric component comes up with a 221 lb-ft torque. The electric engine depends on a 38kW Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack.

Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid Back

The Cayenne S Hybrid only takes about 6.8 seconds to hit the 100km/hr from zero. The emission of the vehicle is 20% lower compared to its standard variant.

Porsche also boasts of the transition from electric to combustion engine. The computer of the car does everything in 380 ms without the occupants feeling what is really happening. Once the electric reserve is exhausted the computer will start the engine and prepare the car to use the power of the combustion engine.

The Cayenne S Hybrid couples its engine with an eight speed transmission. The two top gears are just really overdrives. The car can maintain a speed of 138km/hr while on its top gear and using only its electric reserve – basicly a good speed for any car (even a Porsche) to maintain on a highway anywhere it’s allowed to do this speed…

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