Opel planning a new minicar for Europe, looking for development partner

opelagilaAlthough Europe is not the only country that likes mini cars – however, Opel is actually in the market for a business partner right now so they can actually complete their European minicar.  They have been developing this particular car for quite some time now however it seems to be really costly and they would like a business partner to invest into it.

Right now, Opel has set aside about two-hundred and fifty million euros for this particular car but they would still like a business partner for it.  Ford and Fiat share the Fiat Panda/Fiat 500/Ford Ka platform and Toyota and PSA share the Toyota Aygo/Citreon C1 structure … so who is going to partner with Opel?

It might be Suzuki or even Magna – however these are just hints, there is nothing at all solid.

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