Nissan & Their Electric Versa-Based Prototype!


While most people are worried about finding the very best car for them – a lot of people are really wondering about hybrid cars.  To me, hybrid cars are by far some of the best cars on the market and they truly are one car that people are taking notice of.  The Nissan EV-11 however is one car that people are constantly looking at and this brand new prototype from Nissan is actually really cool looking.  The company was originally going to make the EV-11 another cube looking car, however it did not turn out that way at all. 

This car actually runs off of about 108 HP and has a 206 electric motor that was designed in-house right at the Nissan headquarters.  This car will have front wheel drive while a lithium ion battery pack will store the electricity.  The 24 kWh is fitted right under the floor and is expected to yield a 100-mile range. 

The aim at Nissan is to make a cool car that is comfortable – and I personally think that they did it!

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