New System could reduce costs of hybrids

Multi-Flex Management SystemIndy Power Systems recently introduced a way to cut back the costs of manufacturing hybrid vehicles. The Indiana startup made a platform that has an embedded software designed to oversee the energy flow among power units.

The product, which is appropriately named Multi-Flex Management System, has the capability to mix and jive two or more different power sources. The end result of the process is the optimization of the energy sources’ cost and performance.

Indy’s new system would enable hybrid vehicles to save at least 50% of its power energy (whether it’s coming from electricity or battery). All this was made possible when the company tried and tested mixing power coming from lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

According to the company’s studies, the mixture of Li-ion battery and Pb-A battery has resulted to a product that has a longer lifespan at a lower cost. Although Li-ion batteries are known to last long, their costs are usually high. Pb-A batteries, on the other hand, are deemed to be cheaper. However, this batteries do not have a promising lifespan compared to Li-ion ones.

To prove their assumption, the company tested their product to golf carts. Such was the positive response for the the product that Indy Power Systems applied for a provisional patent.

Indy Power Systems is owned by the Purdue Research Foundation. The said institution is a nonprofit foundation that aims to help the Purdue University in its research on economic development. The company’s director, Bill Wylam, was a retiree of General Motors. Wylam is credited for the GM EV1 electric vehicle.

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