Myers Motor’s NMG2 Is Now Available For Pre-Order!


When it comes to electric cars, I can absolutely tell you for certain that there is no car out there that looks as cool as the Myers Motors NMG2, this is actually a two-seat electric trike that is disguised as a car.  However, it actually has three weeks and to me … it looks kind of like an alien space ship. If you like it though, this little three-wheel thing is available for pre-order right now.

The current base price is around $29k+ but if a thousand people drop $250.00 on a pre-order, the price will drop for everyone of about $5,000 — so that’s a good thing!  Myers is going to wait around until June of 2010 to really see how many preorders are going to come about to see what the actual price of car is going to be.

So … you might want to wait this one out, you could get this little beauty for around $22k+, which is better than $29k+!

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