Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car — Come See It!

Lexus LF-Ch Concept CarYou want a hybrid car?  You seriously want one?  Well, the brand new Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car is actually one concept that might go definite – for it is certainly a car that I absolutely love … in every possible way.  This is the hybrid car that actually kicked off the Frankfurt Motor Show and to be honest, it is seriously high-time that Lexus let loose SOMETHING about the Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car.

This car, while not exactly definite just yet is actually a car that I would love to own.  The color is something off, but the overall look and feel of the car itself is something that I love and the Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car actually compares to the Prius in so many ways.

While Lexus did let loose a few things, like think the BMW 1 Series but a hybrid, they are playing their cards close to their chest with the Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car!

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