Hybrid sales go down in September as Cash for Clunkers end

The Cash for Clunker program was successful in bringing car buyers into the showrooms. This boosted the sales figures for hybrid vehicles in July and August. As the program ends, the number of hybrid vehicles rolling out of shops also plummeted by as much as 48.4% in September compared to the sales in August.

The drop in sales is attributed by analysts to how buyers took advantage of theToyota Prius benefits provided by the Cash for Clunkers scheme. The end of the program also meant hybrid vehicles not being the top choice of buyers because of their higher sticker price.

August was witness to about 38,701 hybrid vehicles rolling of the stores while September only tallied about 19,977 hybrid units. The drop in sales was worse than expected. The sales of hybrid vehicles even decreased more than the conventional cars which had a drop of 40.9%.

Even the leader of the hybrid segment, the Toyota Prius fell by as much as 42% in terms of sales volume. All the numbers of carmakers took a dive including the tandem of Lexus and Toyota on the hybrid market which experienced a sales drop of around 39.7%.

Other car makers like Nissan had plunge of 89.1%, Ford by 54.5%, Honda by 61.6%, and GM dropped by as much as 40.8%.

Toyota and Lexus still has the big chunk of the hybrid market with a slice of 74%. Ford has an 11% share of the pie while Honda gets 8%.

There is no contest when one looks at the number of cars sold compared to truck. This applies to both the hybrid segment and the regular vehicles. Among hybrids, 12 of 22 sold were cars. In the conventional vehicle segment, cars make up 53%.

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