How do I plug my electric vehicle in at home?


When you have a hybrid car … what is the biggest question that is on your mind?  For me, especially for the electric hybrid cars, it is all about where exactly you are going to be able to plug in your car.  Charging up your cars battery is obviously going to be a very important step, but what happens when you want to take your car on a road trip?

Well, extension cords are going to become your best friend in the world, for they are certainly going to be used a lot whenever you are charging up your car.  However – if you have an electric hybrid car, I have to tell you that the technology that is going into these versions of hybrids is insane.

A lot of companies are coming up with automatic charging batteries that they are including in their hybrid cars – so when you switch over to gas from electric, your car is really charging, which is pretty slick.

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