Here comes the 3008 Crossover for Hybrid4

Peugeot is not holding back with their innovations. It’s about to introduce the 3008 crossover that will become the platform under the PSA Peugeot Cirtoën Group of the HYmotion4 all-wheel drive technology application308 Interior. They’re definitely not holding back because they want to launch their hybrid crossover that’s all-wheel drive between this year and 2011.

The application they’re using or the HYmotion4 technology applies a design that’s called a ‘through-the-road’ providing an all-wheel drive that’s hybrid. Some time ago, the Paris Motor Show presented the Prologue Hybrid4 concept car. It had a two-liter HDi FAP engine, a 120 kW power, and torque with a maximum level of 300 Nm (front) and 200 Nm (rear).

The latest unit can either be electric or diesel. These two don’t have mechanical connections at all. This means that you can use the car with electricity and not able to use the diesel function. This makes it a better alternative since users have the liberty to choose what to use for the called situation. If you need to travel farther and the energy won’t sustain, use diesel engine.

Remember though that the technology that this car is using is still underway to being developed better. The 3008 Crossover has engine choices. You can go for the two gasoline engines and the 4 diesel versions among others.

In the production of the car, manufacturers used laser in welding it to reduce car’s weight. They also used materials that are light to maintain the lightness of the car itself.

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