EDF and Toyota declared large-scale exhibition of Plug-In Hybrids in France

Plug-In Hybrid Toyota Prius

As a major step in their collaboration in road-trials in France, EDF and Toyota had declared that it will involve Plug-in Hybrid vehicles (PHV) and an enhanced charging mechanism and will be rented by selected partners and companies in Strasbourg, France. About hundred units of the lithium ion batteried PHV’s will be released to the said renters.

The renting will start from the end of 2009 and it will last for three years. This project is made also possible by the financial aid of the Research Fund that is supervised by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency or ADEME. This joint program is a part of the global Toyota venture that will also be done in Japan and in the United States from the end of the year 2009.

Toyota has this main goal to probe more on the performance and technology of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (like the Plug-in Hybrid Prius) while the EDF is aiming to assess the varied operational methods for the powering or charging mechanisms. The collaboration, meanwhile, is to widen the knowledge and recognition of the consumers, as a preliminary step for the future commercialization.

In the context of the collaboration, the vehicles will make use of an enhanced charging system that is engineered for secured charging. The PHV’s made use of Toyota’s hybrid enhancements but with the added advantage that the batteries will be recharged using the typical electric plugs.

The car manufacturer is anticipating to give rise to an unsurpassed fuel economy and will make a hit on low emissions.

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