Citaro FuelCELL Bus: It’s Amazing!

718435_1301449_1024_683_09a560When you think about it – cars are not the only things that run on fuel.  So what happens when all of the cars are hybrids, are the buses going to run on fuel?  Well, according to the automakers at Daimler, they aren’t!  They have actually created the first Citaro FuelCELL Bus.  This is a bus that has been in practice since 2003 and I have to say that I am so impressed with it.

The Citaro FuelCELL Bus have accumulated about 135,000 hours of operation and have gone over 1.2 million miles across Europe with no problems at all.  Daimler is actually working on building a brand new fleet of these beautiful buses and they have won an award for their awesome work on the Citaro FuelCELL Bus.

Basically, the new buses will be the same, however the rear wheels are going to be driven by hub motors with a lithium ion battery.

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