Burbank Set to Use World’s First Plug-in Hybrid Bus

The City of Burbank will be the test market for the release of the world’s first bus that runs on hydrogen fuel cell with zero emissions. The prototype will formally bow before the public during the 2009 Downtown Burbank ceremony. The very quiet bus will traverse selected routes of the city’s network of buses.

The plug-in hybrid commuter bus was designed and constructed by Proterra, a Colorado based company, and it’s great news for public transit! The bus can travel up to 250 miles after one full charge. The distance is double the length of what a diesel fueled bus can travel.

The only byproduct that will come out of the engine’s exhaust system is water. The bus will also rely 100% on the energy created in the mainland US which will help reduce the dependency from foreign fuel sources.

The bus will utilize the fast charge technology for its battery which will complete a full charge after only 6 minutes. This is the first of its kind in the world.

Other records were set by the bus as the world’s first bus designed to be a plug in hybrid with focus on super efficiency on fuel. It will also contribute to savings in terms of vehicle operating cost with fuel cells that outputs less than 50 KW.

Computers monitor the performance of the bus while on the road and control the power usage from the hydrogen fuel cells and the TerraVolt storage system installed.

The bus can carry 37 seated passengers and 30 standing commuters.

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