2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid Car: Check This Car Out!

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid CarI have to say that when I found out that Mercury was coming out with their own hybrid car, I was just a little skeptical that it was going to happen!  After all, they are pretty late in the game, however, this car is definitely promising to be awesome and I have to say that I am super excited!  The car is going to be the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid and it is absolutely going to be incredible!

The engine is going to be a 2.5 liter with a 4-cylinger and it is going to be mated with an electronically controlled and continuously variable transmission or e-CVT.  This car is actually going to have all sorts of different features that a lot of the other hybrid cars do not have … for example a smaller, lighter, nickel-metal hydride battery and an enhanced electronic throttle control.

So if you are looking for a hybrid car that looks great and works fantastic – check out the 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid Car!

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