Myers Motor’s NMG2 Is Now Available For Pre-Order!

When it comes to electric cars, I can absolutely tell you for certain that there is no car out there that looks as cool as the Myers Motors NMG2, this is actually a two-seat electric trike that is disguised as a car.  However, it actually has three weeks and to me … it looks kind [...]

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Smart Ed Is Not Ready Yet … Soon Though!

When you are looking for a hybrid car … I can tell you that the Smart ForTwo is definitely a car that I want to own.  This is a car that is not only going to look pretty chic and interesting but it is completely and totally electric.  That is one of the best things [...]

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Make Your Hybrid a Roadster

You know, there is a mistaken impression among a lot of people unfamiliar with the latest hybrid vehicles who think that these environmentally awesome cars are sort of weak, maybe not as cool as other vehicles. But those people must not have yet laid eyes on the 2010 Tesla Roadster. This roadster has the power [...]

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Can Your Hybrid Reach 150MPH?

Here’s a tip: keep an eye out for the Los Angeles Auto Show about to take place. Why? Because it will feature the product of a very surprising alliance between Capstone and the Chief Creative Director of Electronic Arts, Richard Hilleman. And what result is that? The CMT-380, classified not just as a hybrid but [...]

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Hybrid sales go down in September as Cash for Clunkers end

The Cash for Clunker program was successful in bringing car buyers into the showrooms. This boosted the sales figures for hybrid vehicles in July and August. As the program ends, the number of hybrid vehicles rolling out of shops also plummeted by as much as 48.4% in September compared to the sales in August. The [...]

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