The Fabulous Mercury Milan Hybrid

The 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid might look a little familiar to you — it is practically first cousins with the 2010 Ford Fusion, which is exceedingly more popular. However, the Milan Hybrid is considered to be a more stylistic alternative to the Fusion. It is a bit more expensive than its “cousin,” but the difference [...]

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Mazda Finally Goes Hybrid!

What is so special about the Mazda Tribute hybrid edition? Well, it is a hybrid, of course, but in addition to that, it marks Mazda’s long awaited entry into the hot hybrid scene. Of course, it is pretty much the Ford Escape Hybrid with a new skin, but who cares? Just because it is comparable [...]


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Sneak peek of Jaguar’s ‘Limo Green’ series hybrid concept

Now, I know that Jaguar is a car that is classified as luxury – however I did not ever think that they would come out with something that would be construed as a hybrid.  However, that is exactly what Jaguar is working on.  They are working on a UK government funded project that has been [...]

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The All New 2010 Chevy Spark!

When you think about GM – I think that the last thing that you really think about is an electric car … seriously.  However, GM is changing their face completely and they are certainly gearing a lot of their cars over to the greener side of things, which to me is something that is awesome.  [...]

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Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car — Come See It!

You want a hybrid car?  You seriously want one?  Well, the brand new Lexus LF-Ch Concept Car is actually one concept that might go definite – for it is certainly a car that I absolutely love … in every possible way.  This is the hybrid car that actually kicked off the Frankfurt Motor Show and [...]

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The Toyota Plug-In Prius Concept: Frankfurt Motor Show!

When you are looking for a hybrid car – where is the first place that you are going to go?  To your Toyota dealer of course!  However, if you want to see some of the newest concept cars for hybrids by all of the different automakers, you should take a trip and come see the [...]

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