Step into “The Box”

There is a reason that the Scion xB is so often known simply as “The Box.” After all, it looks just like a box, doesn’t it? But where its square design could be considered boring, it is actually quite unique here. As of late, however, those squared off edges have been rounded off a bit. [...]

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The GMC Sierra for those Who Want a Hybrid Truck

Now, naturally, it only stands to reason that just because a driver wants a hybrid vehicle, that does not necessarily mean he or she wants a mere car. Plenty of people still long for trucks. A full size pickup is still considered probably one of the last utilitarian vehicles available on the market right now. [...]

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Prius Solar Sunroof: It’s Remarkable!

We all know that Toyota is a very, very smart company – they truly are one of the leaders in the auto industry right now and the 2010 Prius is by far one of the most anticipated cars of the year.  However – Toyota just upped the ante on this particular car and they have [...]

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The All New SAM — It’s Green And Mean!

If you are looking for an electric car – have no desire to go over about 55 miles per hour and you live in Europe then this is the car for you!  The SAM brand car was supposed to be out last year, however, they redesigned it a bit and right now it is actually [...]

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The Toyota Highlander FCHV-adv Still Running Strong!

We all know that Toyota is the leading car company – however, what you might not know is that Toyota is actually the leading car company for hybrid cars.  They are definitely one of those companies that care truly about the environment and they are using all of their resources to come up with a [...]

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