Porsche Panamera Hybrid?!

Well, from what I’ve just hear from a friend of mine who works for a European car magazine — it sounds look the upcoming Porsche 4-door saloon/coupe will come out as a hybrid too!

That’s great news for the green-car-loving money-grubbing luckers out there, as they’ll now be able to go fast eco-style!

I’m not sure I really like the way the Porsche Panamera is going to look, but I do know I like the fact that there’ll be a hybrid one!

Way to go, Porsche!

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4 Responses to “Porsche Panamera Hybrid?!”

  • Upicciuttedu Says:

    I’m down on it because a hybrid porsche won’t be porsche at all. It will ony have its look.

  • Saeel Says:

    Porsche designers are going crazy about new projects… It should handle the name of Mercedes-Benz or BMW…

  • Js2Cool Says:

    Hybrids are smart investments no matter what Make. The Porsche Panamera is a beauty. It seems like a great choice and a no-brainer for Style. Outstanding job to Porsche and their designers.

  • i agree with Upicciuttedu Says:

    he/she is write a Porsche without that lightning fast insane loud motor mine as well be a Prius(which is crap)its a beutiful car but they are killing by not putting in a twin turbo engine or something in it

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