Most Popular Hybrid Cars on the Market

A hybrid car is one which uses more than one source of energy for the motive force. Hybrid cars have some definite advantages over the conventional cars using gasoline or diesel oil. Normally electric hybrid cars are referred to as hybrid cars. Hybrid cars are more cost effective as far as fuel consumption is concerned. They are environment friendly. They have less emission of harmful, polluting gases because they run partly on electric power. The electric power is generated by the running of the car itself. Such power is stored in the battery and reused. Then this power is stored in a battery and used as a motive power for the electric motor.

In the US the most popular hybrid cars are GMC Yukon and Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs. In Japan the most popular ones are Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid.

The global total sales of hybrid cars are minimal. But surely the sales are inching up year after year. People are more and more aware of the hazards of high level of pollution from the conventional cars and increasing cost of fuel prices. They are also aware of the fact that in the near future they will have to do away with the use of fossil fuel. New manufacturers are also coming into the market soon. The hybrid market is developing slowly, but steadily.

Hybrid cars cost a little more than the conventional cars. But the net running cost of a hybrid is less than that of a gasoline only car. So if you use a hybrid car long enough you can recover the extra cost by the lower fuel cost.

The Chinese manufacturer, Changan is also planning to come into the hybrid electric car market. They have plans to sell it in the overseas market. Hoorah for Alternative Car Fuels!

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