Lexus new Hybrid Cars

Thanks due to the pollution being forced on our planet due to the CO2 emissions from natural fuel; most car owners are going in for producing more and more hybrid cars. The same is the case with the major Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation and they are planning to come out with their dedicated hybrid model for its luxury Lexis range. Though there are some hybrid cars under the Lexus range, they are quite costly, but this one is expected to be the cheapest priced model of them all. Currently more than 70% of the cars sold by this company are hybrids.

One will be surprised to know that the biggest market for the hybrid cars manufactured by Lexus is Europe and not U.S. This new model, which is supposed to be released in 2009, shall be available only in Europe and Japan. With hybrid cars being much in demand nowadays Toyota is planning to double its production of hybrid cars. Toyota’s Lexus LS460 was equipped with a totally new 4.6L V-8 engine which is coupled to an eight speed automatic transmission, the first such in the world.

This care also boasts of a reconfigured multilink suspension and the chassis was also totally new. There are many intelligent features on this car including intelligent parking assistant, navigation system with real time updates about traffic, a HVAC system for monitoring body and cabin temperature, parking brake with hill-holder, anti rollback features and much, much more.

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